Our Mission

Vetted Patriots is an organization that wants to connect with like-minded Americans to focus on the problems and issues this country is facing. 

We want to teach people how to get involved with their elections, make people aware of Unconstitutional bills and Executive orders, and how they can best serve the needs of the American people in bringing them together. 

Our primary concern is the plight of the United States Veteran that has served this great nation. We want to bring awareness about homelessness, mental illness, suicide, and heathcare within our veteran communities. 

Our goals in helping veterans will be:

To provide a website with resource links for varying assistance options .

To be able to provide financial assistance is emergency cases- i.e. food, shelter, etc. 

To eventually build a community that provides a safe place for our homeless veterans to stay and receive the help they need. 

To be able to provide living quarters for all veterans who need it.

To restore the dignity and respect to our service men and women that they once had and greatly deserve.

To build an environment of brotherhood/sisterhood, well-being and independence for those military veterans in need. 

Please consider joining our organization in helping us to be able to honor all those who served and/or their families that may be in need. 

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