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  1. It looks like this is a work still in progress. It’s a great idea, and it’s very close to, or identical with, the idea we have over at https://PatriotAction.US — come over and let’s talk about how we can work together.

    There are more than 80 million of us, but … we’re either atomized — just individuals — or divided into several dozen different organizations, all of which have the same aim, to save the Republic, or as much of it as we can.

    Some of them are single-issue — like Parents Defending Education — and single issue organizations should exist separately, so they can focus on their single cause. But there ought to be a general organization, or at least a loose network of organizations, of people who are patriots, and who want to work together.

  2. Just looking for others who want to make a real difference. Starting at the local level. If we don’t start there we will get nothing done
    @RedpillU2 on Twitter. I need help finding people again since my last account was nuked and they still won’t unban it


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